How to Replace Windows Well

Replacing a window is among the most common home remodeling projects. The proper way on how to replace windows have a significant impact on home energy efficiency by helping control the amount of light and air that enters and exits in the home. No home ever exists without windows. This is a very necessary part in every residence, aside from doors and flooring. Windows are both functional and decorative. No matter how attractive and durable these windowpanes are, there would come a time that it is no longer in shape and need to be replaced. Nevertheless, the common question here is how to replace windows with a little budget? This seems to be a costly project, especially if the house is bigger and windows are numerous. However, this task is only done occasionally. Therefore, this project may not eat too much of your yearly budget.

Replacing old windows will not only add aesthetic value to your home, but can also greatly reduce energy cost. Recent innovations of window are designed to make your home more energy efficient, allowing you to save on energy costs. Changing the look of your old window can be done by just following few simple steps and knowing the proper procedures on how to replace windows with ease. You just need to have the following tools: measuring tape, screwdriver, knife, hammer, wood chisel, caulking gun and caulking tubes, cordless drill and of course the replacement windows. Assess first if you can carry out the project yourself, so you can save yourself from paying for a contractor.

How to replace windows?
-In replacing your old window, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Assess your existing window. See if they open and shut easily. Think of what design you want to have for your new windowpane. Take note that it is better to choose one that has an energy star label.
  • Decide on which frame to use. It is highly recommended to have products that are free of maintenance and easy to install. Aluminum, fiberglass, wood and vinyl are among your choices.
  • Take the actual measurements, this is how to replace windows. The bottom, top and middle should also be measured.
  • Carefully remove the stops. The stops are slim, vertical pieces of wood that keeps sashes into place. With the use of a reciprocating saw, you can also remove the nails of the old frame.
  • Prepare the new window for installation. If surface is rough, you can sand it down. Patch small holes, if there is any and if larger holes are present, pack it with enough filler or putty.
  • For the new window, check the fit first by placing the new window to the opening where old window was taken out.
  • Start installing your new window, making sure that all corners are square. Adjust it accordingly and screw it into place.

How to replace windows well needs you to follow certain guidelines, in order to carry out the task successfully. If you find it difficult to install the windows by yourself, you always have the option to hire a skilled person to do the job rightly. A skilled person knows how to replace windows easily. With an access to few tools, you can be certain to have new doors that are sturdy and efficient.

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